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Access to this site and the use of its services is subject to the general terms and conditions set forth below. If you (the User) continue to visit this site, it will be understood that you agree to the Terms and Conditions. In addition, if you carry out electronic commerce activities, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions stipulated by NAME OF THE COMPANY (COMMERCIAL) / website.com, hereinafter NAME OF THE COMPANY. Commitment of the user: The user undertakes to keep website.com harmless and not commit it to actions, claims, demands or responsibilities derived from the violation on its part of these terms and conditions.

The use of this website is governed by the terms and conditions, which are indicated below, and by the legislation in force in the Republic of Chile. Consequently, all transactions carried out on this website, as well as their legal effects, are governed by these regulations.

The company will not be responsible for accidents caused by the use of the product, these will be the sole responsibility of the client, both possible personal and / or material damage.

The company will not be responsible for possible damage to health that may be generated by the use or abuse in the use of the products, the client will be responsible for knowing or consulting with a medical professional or another that he deems appropriate about the appropriateness or not of the use of the product given their personal health situation, being the responsibility and account of the client both the personal and material risks that may arise.

To buy in our online store you need to enter all the information requested on our site. In the purchase process, the system will request the billing and dispatch data. For your convenience, we recommend that you register on our site to simplify your purchasing process. Also, in the shopping cart you can modify the number of products you want to carry, continue shopping or cancel your order.

It is the user's responsibility to create, remember and maintain the confidentiality of their access key (password). COMPANY NAME is not responsible for the loss or delivery of this key to third parties.

Users of the website https://www.website.com obtain all the rights recognized by current legislation in the Republic of Chile.

The user will be able to buy the products offered on our Website https://www.website.com as many times as they want, in accordance with the requirements set forth above.

At this stage the user must choose a form of payment, and a form of dispatch. It is mandatory and the user's sole responsibility to fill out the shipping information for the products.

Any purchase made on our website will be duly documented and formalized with the delivery of an electronic invoice or ticket, a document that will accredit all possible post-sale movements (changes and returns).

By accepting the transaction, the user agrees to all the conditions previously described and signed in this document of Terms and Conditions.

COMPANY NAME (COMMERCIAL) establishes a guarantee of 6 months or 1 year for most of the products marketed from the issuance of the tax document. The client must present this at the time of requesting the guarantee. In case of presenting a guarantee other than the one mentioned, it will be duly indicated in the description of the product.

In the event of a failure or damage, the equipment will be reviewed by the technical service to generate an eventual repair or change of part with the factory defect when it cannot be fixed.

The product will be repaired/changed under warranty as long as it is diagnosed that the object or product has obvious manufacturing or material defects, not covering wear of parts and/or parts caused by the use of the product, nor by user misuse. . In the event that the failure was user misinformation, our after-sales service will provide the necessary information so that the customer can properly use his equipment.

Equipment that is repaired or replaced by a new product will maintain the same product warranty period from the original purchase date.

This guarantee will not be valid for the use of our products that profit from it or that lease it.

The guarantee loses validity with the intervention of personnel outside our company.

Product changes will be made with their complete original packaging (box, bags, insulators, manuals, accessories, etc.) and with the purchase document.
Returns or exchanges of products that present damage caused by any external cause, especially by accidents, blows, misuse, unauthorized intervention or effects of nature will not be accepted.
The exchange or return must be requested within the first 10 days after the purchase either by sending an email to: contact@website.com or by calling +NUMBER. Once the contact has been made, the product must be physically delivered, presenting the respective sales tax document, in (CITY), taking it to our Technical Service located at …………………………... from Monday to Friday from XX to XXhrs.
In case the client is from the regions, send an email to contact@website.com mentioning the product and reason for return, also make sure to send the phone so that within 24 hours an executive can contact you and coordinate the shipment of the product to our office located in ……………………….. through Chilexpress, and later the return of the money can be coordinated through a bank account.
To guarantee the refund of your money, the returned products must be intact (unused) and in their original packaging.
If the change or return is due to size or color, they must send the product to our informed address, whether it is from Santiago or Regions, in the latter case, the transport to and from the country is the responsibility of the customer.

Our site is affiliated with Transbank with the Webpay Webservices PST system as a means of payment that ensures the security of online debit and credit card purchases. If you want to know more about the secure payment service Webpay Webservices PST you can visit: http://www.transbank.cl

If the purchase has been made and accepted by Transbank, you will receive a confirmation message by email detailing your order, shipping and billing information if you had requested it in the purchase process.

* All transactions are subject to confirmation of online payment (authorized transbank transaction code) and it is possible to pay with both debit and credit cards.

** Does not constitute a sale until the operation is approved.


You can choose the payment option with Electronic Transfer, in which case the client has 5 hours to make said transfer to the data specified during the purchase process or to the confirmation email that will arrive after confirming the purchase. The payment must be notified to the email contact@website.com.


All the mentioned offers of our products are exclusive to our website, and withdrawals can only be made in our face-to-face showroom if the user so prefers.

To dispatch we mainly use Chilexpress and as other alternatives Starken and Correos Chile. The transport companies collect the purchases at approximately 4:00 p.m., if you buy before 12:00 the dispatch is made the same day, otherwise it is for the next business day.

Once the purchase is made, a tracking number is generated almost immediately, which often indicates that the package is still in our hands, this is normal since it is generated automatically and many times several hours pass until the company withdraws from our Offices.

All website values include VAT.

The prices in each of the products are valid only for the products, and do not include additional values related to Dispatch, additional guarantees and others from transportation and means of payment.

The offers published on our website are only valid for the stipulated dates and/or until stocks last, which are duly published in each of them.

We reserve the right to change prices and offers without notice.

COMPANY NAME (COMMERCIAL) reserves the right to remove or modify any information, communication, product, download material or message that in its opinion violates use policies, without prior notice.

This document is valid for all transactions carried out on the website https://www.website.com without prejudice to the foregoing, it can be modified and updated as many times as necessary, and must be published on this same site.

If you have any questions or queries regarding the purchase process, you can send an email to contact@website.com or call +NUMBER.

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